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I joined this commuinty wayh back in Early January, but I figure I should write in this tonight.. because after awhile, I DID join.. so it would be pointless for me not to. Soo here it goes.. *By the way, I'm Kelly, 15, live in Chicago*

lol i do feel so hot.. as in temperature!! blah. and it sucks even more when i9 have sunburn, blah!!

today was fun, i was mad early in the morning because my mom goes and prmoises one thing, and then never keeps her word.. but i got pissed so i just went out with my Father and my little brother *our weekend with our father* We went out to a little cute Cafe.. it was so nice and cute. I got a chicken sandwich and fruit and cottage cheese. Yummy! Then we went to the pool.. I layed out for about 2 hours, got kinda burnt on the face, but it isn't to bad.. I really didn't think I got much compared to what I was getting last month, but I hadn't layed out in about 3-4 weeks, so my skin wasn't really used to it.. but It'll be okay. Adam wasn't working today, he works on Monday though, and I tend to go there. I really am going to miss the pool, It was like a home to me.. I wonder what I will do in the school year for time like that, other then dance. I'll have to figure something out...

After we went to the pool, I went and saw my Grandmother. It was nice, I hadn't seen her in about 2 months.. we went out to dinner with her and desert, and then just watched TV for a bit at her place.. It was really relaxing and nice. I'll have to visit her more often..

When I got home, My mom asked me if I wanted to do anything with her tomorrow because she screwed up this morning for me and was really upset, and I think spending time with her, and having fun would be good for both of us.. we don't get along very well with each other, and I think it might be good to talk and have a nice time with her.. but if she can't do it, I won't be surprised.. I think I've finally expected that s he just changes her mind TO much, and thats her.. and I can't always count on her for everything, and for some reason.. thats okay. I dunno why, but it is.

Boring day, alittle pointless post, but thats okay.

More updates tomorrow <33
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yo, if you're from chicago, you should join chitownsurburbia. my friend dashie made it, its for pple from chicago. im in it, but i was only born there, and dont remember too much about the city. ^_^
have a great day!