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[02 Jul 2006|12:09pm]


Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m 19. I’m seeking animal lovers to help me out. I’m doing the Blogathon for The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary this year. Basically I’m going to stay awake for 24 hours and post to my livejournal every half hour. The money I raise will go directly to The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Further information about Blogathon 2006 can be found at Blogathon.org.

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill shelter that houses 1,500 animals on any given day. Their goal is to promote compassion towards animals and stop killing of perfectly healthy animals by taking them from shelters across the nation. More information about best friends can be found at their official website.

To sponsor me please fill out the form here.I would greatly appreciate sponsorship of any amount. The money goes to the animals and anything you can give to help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions feel free to comment here or email me at RBrandt87@gmail.com

If this is not allowed I apologize. Feel free to delete it. This has been cross posted so I’m sorry if you come across it more than once.

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Justice desearves justice! [28 Jun 2006|11:06am]

[ mood | sad ]

How can anyont do this to their dog. This story will break your heart. I Hope Justice gets Justice. Their is no excuse for this type of abuse! What is wrong with people. Read Justice's story!

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Help, please. [02 Jul 2004|04:17pm]

Hey Everyone:

John here, and I need to ask all of you a favor, which is why I'm making a public entry about what's been going on, and hopefully I can get help from you guys, if you think I deserve the help that is. I'll tell you guys what's going on, then ask the favor, and you guys decide if you'll do it or not.. I hope you will though.

Alright, so the thing is that we moved into an apartment temporarily because the house we wanted to buy went all the way to the final process before falling through, meaning, that, we ended up not being able to buy the house we wanted to. This was a predicament since we, ourselves had to sleep in hotels for a few nights, basically, we were homeless. Of course though, the hotel didn't let dogs go there, neither did they allow dogs at the apartment we moved into afterwards. So what were we suppose to do?

We had the options of kennels, but to a dog that's kind of like sentencing them to jail, and we didn't want to do that especially since we weren't to sure how long we would be at the apartment. We didn't want our dog, Maven, to suffer there needlessly. So, we decided to ask Saveadog organization where we adopted her from to watch Maven for us. They agreed that they would be able to watch Maven for as long as possible for us.

Now, that seemed like such a good idea since Saveadog, obviously, has many dog loving families, so many that we figured it would be better than to send Maven to the kennels. So we contacted Saveadog, Shirley Moore, head of Saveadog, agreed to watch our dog for as long as possible, however, when we brought our dog to her she made us sign a form that would relinquish Maven if we didn't ask for her back by June 26th, 2004. She told us it was only a formality and she knew that we cared about our dog and that it was only in case families used Saveadog as an excuse to abandon their dogs. So we signed it.

E-mails were sent out to Mary Dillion who was the foster mother of Maven while we were searching for a temporary home for ourselves to live in. After we found where we ourselves would live we would move into a permanant home shortly afterwards. Finals came up on me, and I had to study, and pull grades up as the year ended, this however, wound up taking up a lot of time, three weeks out of the four that Shirley had us sign. Since she told us that it was only a formality my family did not think much of it, and continued thinking that Shirley would watch our dog as she agreed.

June 30th came around and things had finally calmed down. We were moving quickly in the process of house searching, we had found a great house for us and a nice big yard for Maven. School ended and we finally had time to settle things down, however, June 30th was the day Shirley, inconsiderately, called my dad up when he was at work, it was a "courtesy call" as she claims, and it was to inform us that she had given our dog away to a different family.

Following her call my father called me and as a result I called Shirley back. My father told me that Shirley had told him to find a way to break the news to me since she would not do it, however, his way of breaking the news was to call Shirley. So I did. After talking to Shirley on the phone she informed me the following things:

She did not believe my family capable of taking care of Maven.
She called my parents "irresponsible" and "uncaring"
She claimed that Maven suffered in the two years that she lived with us.
Now, this was not what she told my father. She told my father that the period was over and we did not claim Maven, as a result she gave her away. Shirley gave me completely different reasons, and told me that she had not given Maven away yet, when she clearly told my father that she had.

Following are e-mails that were sent between me and her as a result of this ( situation: )

This is the situation that has been going on and these are the facts:
My mom did sign the form, with the agreement that it was only a formality.
Shirley lied to my parents and lied to me, what's to prevent her from lying further?
After four days of the expired time she is so quickly able to give Maven to another family? This is suspicious.
She claims that no contact was ever made checking up on Maven, and yet, there they are, and there was the e-mail that was never replied back to me which, as a result was lost.
What is her claim that my parents wouldn't pay for it? I mean, I don't have a job, where would I have gotten the money from?
Her "courtesy call" was a joke, it was only to tell us when we had nothing we could do that she was giving our dog away. That is not a courtesy call, that's being malicious.
What truth is she talking about, for me to realize? That she's a lying cheat? She doesn't explain herself, the time doesn't add up, she insults my parents, and she refuses to give me correspondence with her attorney through e-mail? When I explained to her that I wanted written records of everything that has occured?
This is what happened, these are the e-mails, these are what I believe to be the facts. I hope that any of you who read this will form your own judgement of what has come to pass but in a closing word I would like to mention just a bit more.

I cared about my dog and when I finished with her I spent an hour crying on the phone with a friend, my sister when she heard started to cry as well, in fact, when we mention it she still goes to the verge of tears, my parents are furious beyond belief showing their care for the dog, and my grandmother has emotional breakdowns over the dog as well. I know that by the law and by the written papers that were signed this is a losing case, but, my whole family cared for the dog, it was our dog and in our mistake to make her more comfortable she got taken away from us, this is a losing case by written paper, but there is more to it than just what's on paper, it's about care, it's about another being, it's about a family member. If your family member was taken away wouldn't you fight to even if the odds are against you?

Please, I personally think that this is un-just, that this is unfair, and that I will do anything to get my dog back, if I can't get my dog back at the very least it would please me to see Shirley out of her office because she is not capable of the position I belive. I plan on doing just what I said, I plan on handing out phamplets at her next event telling people about this, I plan on e-mailing her and fighting for my dog back, I plan on doing everything, and even if this must go to court, I will go that far.

In conclusion, I would like to ask any of you out there, that if you find that you fall to my side in this event please e-mail Shirley at shirley@saveadog.org and pressure her about this. As a teenager I don't have power to influence the law, I don't have the power to sue, my parents will handle that, but as a teenager I can pressure her, I can pester her, and damn it, whatever I need to do I will get my dog/sister back or someone is going to realize that she made the biggest mistake of her life to do this too me. Please.. I want to have my entire family back and in a new house, I want to have what anyone would want in this case, I won't let up, and not to sound cliche but I will die trying to get my family whole again, no matter what the odds.

Crossposted: Where ever I can.
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[28 Feb 2004|08:51am]
[ mood | content ]

Hi *waves* I'm new here.
I have an ongoing struggle with depression and so I know how hard it can be to find comfort.
Yesterday morning I was snapping pictures of the sunrise (I'm a photographer) and I came up with this gorgeous picture, I opened it with paintshop and wrote a cheesy line from The Crow on it and made it my desktop background so now I can always have something to brighten even the dreariest of days
Maybe some of you guys may appreciate itCollapse )


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[09 Feb 2004|03:18pm]

Hey, all. I've been pretty down lately - but visiting my aunt made me really happy! Well, it was either visiting her or ignoring the fact that uni exists for a couple days....How are you guys doing?

Things that have made me happy recently:

  • animals

  • getting told how great of a person I was (well, kind of scary, but nice fuzzies)

  • aerosmith

  • evanesance

  • my aunt

  • talking to and about family

  • crafts

What has recently made you happy?
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[16 Oct 2003|02:27am]

I could use some cheering....
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[08 Apr 2003|10:37pm]

Something that makes me really happy nowadays is being able to Sleep more than 5 hours and not feel guilty about having to sacrifice something.
::::hugz:::: you all.
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At work musings... [07 Nov 2002|03:33pm]

[ mood | busy ]

What makes me happy is selling tickets, even when I don't have a sign and I'm all informal and stuffs. It's just proof people really want to go to the program, I guess. Woot major!

That and having a guy who likes you get up the courage to ask you out. That's rocking my week :)

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[30 Oct 2002|12:55am]

in the solitude of others i see myself
living in the shadow of "yet to be"
and yet we all are so very free
i cannot wait til i may go fly
high as the sky and yet not at the sun
no wings of mine may melt and fail
for i, like you, will always prevail
and yet when i think that i am lost
i find you and am realize how much i'm not
and how much you are, and yet may be
and then i find im glad to be
here with you
a light in sea
and then i am just
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something to make me laugh... [27 Aug 2002|01:31am]

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[26 Aug 2002|02:20am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

I miss the days when this community was alive and very very active.. :(
*posting a happy list*
receiving letters, cute fics, beta-reading my best friend's fics, pearl milk tea, jamba juice, sobes, frappucinos, clouds
stars, bubbles, horseback-riding, dreams, running through sprinklers, acting like a lil kid, inside jokes, singing (when i'm alone), lying in the grass watching the stars, sunsets/sunrises, horseback-riding on the beach in the sunset, sugar highs, smiles, blue roses, puppies

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errr. FUCK THIS!! [12 Aug 2002|12:06am]
[ mood | confused ]

this sucks..

today at the pool, theres this guy named Adam there *theres two adams.. i like this 1 GORGEOUS adam and theres another geekyish adam* the thing is, while i was at the pool today, my old friend Amy was there.. she looks exactly like me, except prettier and a better body, a better personbality, never had any serious problems and is a wild chick, unlike me whos serious and doesn't want to drink after seeing what happended with my parents and their alcohol.. but all the people our age, thinks its 'awesome' to drink, and enjoys it.. and so does she. and i dunno if im missing the attention the geeky adam gave me because he was talking to Amy a lot, or I like him. I've been thinking about it all day and night, and I dunno. I think its maybe that I enjoyed the way he drooled all over me, and just missed the attention and wasn't feeling beautiful.. or maybe I do have a thing for him, because I have these waves of jealousy all over me. He's not the best looking person at all, and I'm sure I'd get weird ass looks if I went out with him, but I don't think I would mind getting to know him better, but I dunno how I really feel. Maybe alittle bit of both? I'm not sure if I'll go to the pool or not tomororw, I might.. but who knows.

Anybody want to give me feedback on how I'm feeling, comment back, KK?>

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Hey.. [10 Aug 2002|11:16pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I joined this commuinty wayh back in Early January, but I figure I should write in this tonight.. because after awhile, I DID join.. so it would be pointless for me not to. Soo here it goes.. *By the way, I'm Kelly, 15, live in Chicago*

lol i do feel so hot.. as in temperature!! blah. and it sucks even more when i9 have sunburn, blah!!

today was fun, i was mad early in the morning because my mom goes and prmoises one thing, and then never keeps her word.. but i got pissed so i just went out with my Father and my little brother *our weekend with our father* We went out to a little cute Cafe.. it was so nice and cute. I got a chicken sandwich and fruit and cottage cheese. Yummy! Then we went to the pool.. I layed out for about 2 hours, got kinda burnt on the face, but it isn't to bad.. I really didn't think I got much compared to what I was getting last month, but I hadn't layed out in about 3-4 weeks, so my skin wasn't really used to it.. but It'll be okay. Adam wasn't working today, he works on Monday though, and I tend to go there. I really am going to miss the pool, It was like a home to me.. I wonder what I will do in the school year for time like that, other then dance. I'll have to figure something out...

After we went to the pool, I went and saw my Grandmother. It was nice, I hadn't seen her in about 2 months.. we went out to dinner with her and desert, and then just watched TV for a bit at her place.. It was really relaxing and nice. I'll have to visit her more often..

When I got home, My mom asked me if I wanted to do anything with her tomorrow because she screwed up this morning for me and was really upset, and I think spending time with her, and having fun would be good for both of us.. we don't get along very well with each other, and I think it might be good to talk and have a nice time with her.. but if she can't do it, I won't be surprised.. I think I've finally expected that s he just changes her mind TO much, and thats her.. and I can't always count on her for everything, and for some reason.. thats okay. I dunno why, but it is.

Boring day, alittle pointless post, but thats okay.

More updates tomorrow <33

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Hello! ^^ [20 Jul 2002|04:51pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I just joined and this looks like a reall neat community.

I'm 19 and live in Albuquerque, NM
Some of my favourite things are rain, clouds, the colour blue, tea, glitter, and scrapbooking. Um, I'm always looking to make new friends so if you add me I'll add ya back.

Don't know what else to say.....talk more later!!! ^^

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A New-bee [20 Jun 2002|11:29am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi I'm new. Things that make me happy is watching other people be nice to each other. Of course I get off on being nice to mean people. Kill em' with kindness :) smiley face...

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[02 May 2002|02:14pm]

Hey! Don't you guys love it when you get stressed, or you have so much crap going on, and you just dance or exercise or sweat it out and all of a sudden you get this huge energy boost? its so rawkin'!
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Hi. [28 Apr 2002|06:43pm]

I'm new, hi everyone.

Things that make me happy:

long conversations with friends
big bowls of macaroni and cheese
knowing that someone is thinking about you
hearing from a friend that you haven't heard from in awhile
playing on playgrounds

And that's just to name a few....it makes me happy just thinking about them.
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[12 Apr 2002|08:37pm]

something that always makes me happy:
Running around like a little kid and chasing / being chased by friends.
Going to a park and sliding down the slide.
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[23 Jan 2002|12:05am]


This is just a new community for making friends. We all know there are more people out there on LJ that we would just get along with so well, so now's your chance to meet them.
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[12 Jan 2002|03:10pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Yea, I'm a lazy poster in communities!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years :) I did, I was at my boyfriend's house for 12 days over the Christmas period. It was great! We don't get to see each other that often because he lives in England and I live in Northern Ireland but there's not really much we can do about that for a few more years when we're both finished college. It's our 9 month anniversary today :) It's so great that we've came this far!

If you want to read about the great time we had when I was with him go here.

I'm being harrassed by some girl from my school online. She's two years younger than me and she seems to think she's going to upset me by calling me random names like "smelly"! LMAO! It's just pathetic! She actually hasn't talked to me after I made a humiliation of her by posting one of our conversations on my Livejournal. Wanna see a pic of her? Here you go:-

Isn't it scary?

To read the conversation just go here.

Also, during the week I got my GCSE Maths result! I got a B! I was so happy with that, cos when we were doing our mocks I only ever got 2 Bs!

Well, I think that's all for now. I'll try and post again soon!

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