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errr. FUCK THIS!!

this sucks..

today at the pool, theres this guy named Adam there *theres two adams.. i like this 1 GORGEOUS adam and theres another geekyish adam* the thing is, while i was at the pool today, my old friend Amy was there.. she looks exactly like me, except prettier and a better body, a better personbality, never had any serious problems and is a wild chick, unlike me whos serious and doesn't want to drink after seeing what happended with my parents and their alcohol.. but all the people our age, thinks its 'awesome' to drink, and enjoys it.. and so does she. and i dunno if im missing the attention the geeky adam gave me because he was talking to Amy a lot, or I like him. I've been thinking about it all day and night, and I dunno. I think its maybe that I enjoyed the way he drooled all over me, and just missed the attention and wasn't feeling beautiful.. or maybe I do have a thing for him, because I have these waves of jealousy all over me. He's not the best looking person at all, and I'm sure I'd get weird ass looks if I went out with him, but I don't think I would mind getting to know him better, but I dunno how I really feel. Maybe alittle bit of both? I'm not sure if I'll go to the pool or not tomororw, I might.. but who knows.

Anybody want to give me feedback on how I'm feeling, comment back, KK?>
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